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EMDR Intensive 

Patty Hills offers half day Intensive EMDR Therapy sessions for clients who prefer to meet for an extended session so they can work towards their therapy goals and experience relief sooner.  Some clients find it easier to book a half day away from work rather than to attend weekly sessions.  Both weekly and intensive EMDR sessions are safe and effective.  The cost for a half day intensive EMDR session is $736.  

EMDR can help you...

-Learn how to contain intrusive thoughts, emotions and body sensations and self-soothe until you can clear them 

-Strengthen your positive beliefs about yourself 

-Learn to tolerate & regulate your emotions

-Learn to listen to your body & your own inner wisdom  

-Utilize grounding, calming and relaxation strategies so have choice about how to manage your emotional state 

-Desensitize traumatic memories so they no longer distress you

-Tap into your own internal strengthens, resources and attributes in managing day-to-day challenges    ---Move on from distressing memories 

-Overcome avoidance and blocks to healing

-Manage and soothe anxiety and panic 

-Strengthen healthy coping patterns 

-Learn skills for strengthening the sense of security you have in your connection with your child  

-Learn skills for strengthening friendship, active listening and managing conflict with your partner

-Increase your confidence that you can manage work/performance stress 


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